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KimKim Posts: 134
edited September 2012 in Types of Snuff
Bruton of Nashville Tennessee Scotch Snuff is a hard-hitting traditional American Snuff. It definitely does not pull any punches. Fine ground and very dry. It is a medium brown color with all the fixings of Ole Authentic Southern Tobacco. This snuff is more for the experienced Snuffer, but it does set the mark for new comers when comparing snuffs. For the un-experience do not be surprised if a tear comes to one of your eyes from the first sniff, it's just that strong no joke. There may be a bit of sneezing going along with that as well. It has a strong tobacco taste accompanied by a distinct strong cured (smoky) flavor. Recommended for the experienced Snuffer. But for the few adventures new to snuff you are definitely in for a surprise. Good Luck!


  • MattMatt Posts: 331
    I broke out my jar of Brutons after reading your review. This is seriously some potent stuff. I've got a jar of the W.E. Garret on order. I look forward to trying it.
  • horus92horus92 Posts: 1,127
    Pretty boring scotch to me. It's not too smokey compared to, say, Garrett or Square. It smells like a cheap light cigar ground up. It is pretty potent but that's its only notable attribute.
  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Posts: 926
    I love it. Or rather I love its effect. Very potent, very stimulating. Great for keeping you awake at night.
  • It's good stuff. I just got my can of it yesterday and it is fine even for a scotch.
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