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I think I have a skunk under my house trailer.

I just woke up 2:30a.m. It sounds like somethings banging under and around, and Oh my god, it stinks!


  • MattheFoxMattheFox Posts: 1,179
    Don't mess with it
  • Maybe it isn't a skunk after all. Perhaps a kid or two found a place to partake? :-))
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Posts: 3,250
    Skunks don't stink unless you fuck with them
  • scottofksuscottofksu Posts: 131
    And what was your first thought? "I need to let the gang at Snuffhouse know about this!" You sir, are a true citizen of this fine establishment! ;)

    That being said, how do you intend to coax him/her out?
  • Skunks don't stink unless you fuck with them

    Even mild foreplay has been known to set them off.

  • stapfstapf Posts: 101
    I know they like cat food. I nearly petted one once at my mom's thinking it was her black outside cat. I saw the stripe and backed slowly away. It just kept eating the cat food on the porch.
  • Good evening, my friend
    have you considered catching the skunk? They make nice pets and you can always
    have the offending glands removed. Unless, of course, you want to keep other unwanted
    visitors away.
    I remember discussing the use of skunk oil (synthetic) as a crowd control agent on demonstrating activists, hooligans and other mobs. It proved to be too expensive and too hard to clean up. Liquified manure was suggested as a cheap alternative. Switzerland has quite a number of pig- farms.

    Patrick B. Ludwig
  • howdydavehowdydave Posts: 1,628
    Nothing wrong with having a skunk under the house as long as nothing is chasing it down there!

    Our terrier chased a skunk around under the summer cottege.
    The skunk sprayed at least 4 or 5 times but the dog didn't get a drop on him!

    The effect on the cottege is an entirely different story...
  • nosembossnosemboss Posts: 776
    Well, there's nothing under there now, and the stink left with whatever it was, maybe possum..
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Posts: 4,631
    Might have been @Bart rootin around under there.
  • Skunks kill & eat snakes and mice. more then I can claim for my daughter lazy cats
  • BartBart Posts: 1,480
    A Pole Cat. They always say they cannot spray without grasping something like a twig to squeeze out the odorous juice, so you know if you do come face to face with him.
    Ha, Stokes! I only like squirrel and groundhog. Another case of mistaken identity!! >-)
  • XanderXander Posts: 7,382
    Yeah, they are drawn to areas where people feed cats (both feral and non feral) out of doors.
  • 3_D3_D Posts: 221
    Get your snuff somewhere safe!!!
  • MouseMouse Posts: 5,641
    So, I guess no one likes my idea of a skunk-scented snuff.
  • Walrus1985Walrus1985 Posts: 1,365
    @Mouse I've never smelled one and wouldn't want to, so no lol.
  • AllanHAllanH Posts: 1,248
    Stoats can be really smelly if they set their den under the floor. That happened at my old work.
  • PotPoePotPoe Posts: 723
    I was out and about on country roads recently. I passed a total of four road kill skunks throughout the day. Seemed odd to me, although the weather has been warming.
    @Mouse i also kind of enjoy there funk, but as far as a snuff scent, all i want is Lilac
  • basement_shamanbasement_shaman Posts: 8,492
    edited March 2013
    I enjoy that skunk stench also ,Takes me back to the lazy hazy crazy days of summer 6/4/ 1976 at the NORML Gathering in DC. Biocosmic Energy Man, Rohr 714 and the ladies with dirty feet, sundresses and tube tops. Some guy yelling don't eat the brown acid.Funny how a scent can trigger memories :-j
  • asieg33asieg33 Posts: 226
    All members of muskedelia have scent glands. Skunks and ferrets make fine pets. Badgers are sometimes effective in keeping grizzly bears away and honey badgers the same with lions, cobras and other life threatening animals (rhinoceros being an exception). river otters, if you have a river, are intelligent and playful. Depending on where you live they are great pets or fine guard animals. If your neighbors are terrorizing the neighborhood with their pit bulls I suggest the honey badger. You may choose to paint him white with black spots and gain a reputation as owner of the world's toughest Dalmatian. If it is a skunk and reappears running it over is effective, but borrow a friends car; a friend you will not miss.
  • nosembossnosemboss Posts: 776
    The Possum is back with a vengence ! I have a friend with a 'have a heart' trap I'll be setting up soon i hope.
  • MatouMatou Posts: 150
    For the Europeans, who are not acquainted with skunks, what do they smell like? Would it be the musky ingredient in Princes or Santo Domingo squared, or is it more like the bogs in Belgian railway stations?
  • MouseMouse Posts: 5,641
    The smell of a skunk is difficult to describe and even more difficult to get rid of if you or your dog gets sprayed. Very penetrating and persistent. Mostly is is a sulfur compound, a mercaptan if I remember correctly--the same chemical they use to give odor to propane gas to make it noticeable should it be leaking in the house....
  • MatouMatou Posts: 150
    edited April 2013
    Interesting, I seem to remember that's a component of the aroma of garlic as well. As a boy I had a teacher who I thought smelled like propane gas. Later, when I got to do my own cooking, I assumed it was probably garlic. Now I understand he just smelled like a skunk. I love this forum, I learn something every day. [BTW - I hope this doesn't imply my cooking smells like a skunk. I can't tell.]
  • if skunk smells even remotely like garlic I want one. After cutting garlic the smell on ones fingers is of a vile pungent sort but at the same time extremely pleasant. I'm constantly sniffing my fingers and enjoy it, just can't stop.
    Can you put it in a package and mail it to me? I'd trade it for some snuff or german chewing tobacco.

    I enjoy that skunk stench also ,Takes me back to the lazy hazy crazy days of summer 6/4/ 1976 at the NORML Gathering in DC. Biocosmic Energy Man, Rohr 714 and the ladies with dirty feet, sundresses and tube tops. Some guy yelling don't eat the brown acid.Funny how a scent can trigger memories :-j

    @basement _shaman.. ..... I hear ya loud and clear.... Musta been a decent sativa/indica strain...I haven't partaken in " any of that " in many many many moons..... ( get it? ) and quite glad bout that...some of that stinks so bad in the bag ( not burning it ) it almost is reminiscent of parmasean cheese your NORML Rally.....that reminds me of 12ish hour show at Meadowlands Stadium in NJ ..1975 or 76? Willie Nelson, New Riders of the Purple Sage and the Grateful Dead....WHISKY RIVER DON'T RUN DRY was a FULL MOON that day...
  • MouseMouse Posts: 5,641
    OK, Mister Toque--there are at least three of us who would like Toque Skunk snuff. Any chance of it?
  • ...or just make some 'Quit Garlic', name it 'Skunk' and watch me buying bulk.
  • MouseMouse Posts: 5,641
    Well, Roderick is probably not going to make Toque Skunk snuff, so I guess it is up to me. Figure I'll use Toque Natural as a base, or maybe Toque Quit. I'll post to this thread, if I can still find it, in a week or two--now if I can just get a skunk to spray this here open tin....
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Posts: 3,250
    edited April 2013
    Where are you people getting this crazy notion that skunk spray smells anything like garlic?
    It doesn't
  • MouseMouse Posts: 5,641
    Heh, I was gonna surprise him and make skunk snuff and label it 'garlic'. Anyway, I just ordered some eau de skunk.
  • asieg33asieg33 Posts: 226
    Place F&T patchouli in vicinity of skunk. No more skunk
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