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Free Samples?

dvsfaustdvsfaust Posts: 75
edited October 2012 in General
As the title implies, new to nasal snuff wondering if anyone knows of anyway to get samples in the mail?


  • MouseMouse Posts: 7,109
    'Fraid not. But welcome to the list. Compared with other highly taxed tobacco products, snuff is relatively inexpensive though.
  • Supposably Dholakia would send samples? and I had fill out the form several times with requests,But never recieved any. I take it you need to be a tobacco retailer for such request. Shipping is a major factor for free samples; since that is more than the product itself.
  • Yeah ive already noticed that :)
  • RoderickRoderick Posts: 1,976
    We used to send samples however, sending samples to the USA most just disappeared and then we also got hit by a run of free loaders from sites that specialise in finding stuff for free. We now do a 10 for 9 sample pack that for smokers equates to 33 packs of cigarettes for less than the price of two.

    Snuff makes so much sense on so many levels.
  • Yeah here in the US ive gotten plenty of free samples of tobacco, camel products mainly, snus and when they had all them flavored ' candy' cigs, but the prices do seem rock.bottom on snuff compaired to other forms of tobacco, thanks for the info guys!
  • CrosCros Posts: 171
    I think it would be great if Toque would toss in small baggie of something different when we order bulk packages, but then i always like free suprises! that reminds me, need to order another batch!
  • AbraxasAbraxas Posts: 5,450
    @dvsfaust - good advice there from BigDaddySnuff, snuff also has the full range of alkaloids that tobacco has. It's the alkaloids that re-wire your brains pleasure circuits in conjunction with the nicotine to create the addiction. NRT products just give nicotine and the failure rate in quitting with only NRT is massive. Your brain gets the whole lot with snuff which is why we have such a high success rate. There is will power involved but only in terms of getting used to the new habit and new way of taking your tobacco. I stopped with snuff, like a lot of people here, and it is an absolutely viable, no-nonsense way of quitting - and one where you still get to keep tobacco in your life.
  • I think it's a shame that snuff makers don't offer 'sample' sets, not free, but just small amounts, one or two pinches, so you can see what you like. It's the same with pipe tobacco; you order a 50g tin and it's a gamble as it might turn out to be vile. I know of one British online tobacconist that sell small sample packs of pipe tobacco, but none that do snuff samples.

  • @AustinAllegro I had the same question few days back to one of the manufacturing company they don't mind sending me free sample but the problem is transportation cost. The air and shipping cost to send a parcel of few snuff is same as sending the snuff pack of 10kg hence it is very expensive for manufacturing company to send free sample pack. Not the snuff cost but the transportation cost.
  • Michael, thanks - at least we have this site (and other good ones like for pipe tobacco) that we can check for opinions before we take the plunge and order that big tin!
  • @AustinAllegro: Stg. de Kralingse Snuif en Specerijen Companie will sent one or two specific samples when asked for.
    Jaap Bes.
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