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Wilsons of Sharrow - strongest ones? (nic strong)

vmank1qvmank1q Posts: 61
edited December 2011 in General
Hi guys, I'm starting to really enjoy the WOS snuffs. I've tried Tom buck, IHT 22 and SP best, all of which I really like. I was just wondering which ones are the strongest, nicotine wise. I'm going to place an order the next few days and I'm looking for some with hiigh nic content. Thanks.


  • bobbob Posts: 6,781
    I think they're all about the same. Maybe the toasts are stronger but otherwise same flour.
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Posts: 2,143
    I'd say Tom Buck, or  their Best SP.
  • The WoS that give me the best nic rush out of the 30 or so I've tried are Grand Cairo and gold label. SS and Tom Buck have a fair amount too
  • I never think of strength with Wilsons. Only flavour I go elsewhere for vitamin N.
  • furiousfurious Posts: 311
    Agree that WoS are low in nic generally. Most notable exceptions being Tom Buck, Grand Cairo, and Royal George.
  • Thanks for the replies. I'm going to try the ones mentioned, and maybe mix some toque quit with the others that I like.
  • UweUwe Posts: 238
    I think their toasts have mire nicotine, also the very good lemon toast.
  • JinderJinder Posts: 297
    Grand Cairo, Gold Label and the Toasts are definitely stronger in effect (noticeable to me as I'm not hardened to Vit.N. As a snuffer and occasional pipe smoker), I think this is down to the first two being crafted from a different type of tobacco (most WoS are Zimbabwean tobacco but I think GL and GC are made with Virginia tobacco, I may be wrong though) I think the Toasts appear stronger due to being drier and finer, thus causing the user to insufflate more and feel a stronger hit due to the finer snuff's nic being more easy for the mucous membranes to absorb.

    As Oscar said though, Wilsons aren't really the first place to look for a rendezvous with Lady N. If you want a big nic hit, I'd recommend hoofing up a massive rack of Hedges L260. It's strong, and the fact it makes your nose run like Usain Bolt helps too-really gets those mucous membranes working!
  • @uwe:
    I've tried the IHT 22 but can't really notice the nicotine, but that's probably me. I love the smell though. And I'll give the Lemon toast a shot too, thanks.

    I'll also try the WOS ones you mentioned too, thanks. I have a tin of the hedges which I like, but it's a bit overpowering (menthol) at times, still a good snuff though.

    Thanks guys.

  • AbraxasAbraxas Posts: 5,448
    The toasts just seem stronger due to the grind, I can't think of any WoS snuff that is really strong - of course don't confuse strength with nose burn or menthol content, if that's not too simple a point to make.
  • bobbob Posts: 6,781
    which ever one you put the most of up your nose. Seriously if your snuff is not strong enough do a bigger pinch or bump.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Posts: 5,448
    edited January 2012
    TB is just the same flour with more of the flavouring - bergamot, neroli, whatever their particular SP casing is.
  • furiousfurious Posts: 311
    Just load up yer conk like you were in a Bavarian schmaltzer contest and you'll be just fine in the Vitamin N dept.
  • ELMOSELMOS Posts: 38
    One thing I noticed is that like copenhagen freshness  is an important part. I think if you live in the states, the snuff you get is not like buying it in the UK. I was told by a guy who worked at the cope factory that after two weeks it was done. Sometimes a freezer helps. (it is true snus is different) I have had snuff (nasal) that I know was about two weeks old. All I can say is WOW! The other thing is nasal snuff comes on mildly. Once I was at the docs office. Waiting, waiting etc. I thought I would go bongers. I had a major niccy fit. I took a big pinch of O&G and after five minutes I was fine. If all else fails, get some plain twist and grind it up and add it to your snuff. Trust me, it will do ya.  
  • Queens Extra Strong. The clue is in the name...
  • vmank1qvmank1q Posts: 61
    I think the reference is toward the flavor and not the actual nicotine content.
  • I find Queen's Extra Strong to be quite punchy in the nicotine department.
  • Mr_OMr_O Posts: 1,693
    On Wilson's website, they say that the SP's are most potent. I assume this includes Tom Buck, Gold Label,  Grand(e) Cairo, and Queen's XS. But see also, Taxi, NTSU, FUBAR, Singleton's Original (I think), maybe QWS? Probably anything out of South Africa- if the flavor/grind/style agrees with you. They tend to be coarse, moist, and smelling strongly- often with a distinct ammonia scent.
  • PhilipSPhilipS Posts: 573
    "Q Which are the strongest snuffs in regard to nicotine?

    A The SP varieties are the strongest and give a more powerful ‘hit’ than some of the other varieties."

    (Wilson's Website)

    I find this statement a little odd. If the SP varieties are the strongest then they yield more nicotine than all other varieties, and not just some varieties. This is akin to claiming that Hercules is the strongest man in the world and is more powerful than some other men.
  • PhilipSPhilipS Posts: 573
    "I think the reference is toward the flavor and not the actual nicotine content."

    Agreed. Queens Extra Strong and Tom Buck (identical in all but name) are described as stronger versions of Best S.P. This may give the impression that they are stronger in nicotine rather than stronger in added flavour - which is curious since if a mentholated snuff is described as "Menthol Extra" few conclude that it must therefore contain more nicotine.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Posts: 5,448
    I seemed to lose a post there....

    Anyhow, I think we rank snuffs from the nose feel they give rather than nicotine strength, because I firmly beleive 90% of them have more or less the same amount of nicotine.
  • bobbob Posts: 6,781

    don't forget that we live in a world where people regularly insist their dark coffee is stronger cause it is darker. When that's utter Bollocks (is that the proper british way to spell it?)

  • AbraxasAbraxas Posts: 5,448
    It is indeed the right way. And you used it like a Brit too.

    I used to use, still do now and again, golden virginia and old holborn ryo tobacco - I absolutely swore blind that OH was stronger than GV, but its not - all down to the colour and flavour.
  • furiousfurious Posts: 311
    Goes to show there is no accounting for personal taste and opinion. What is intensely strong for one is mild for another, and so on...Fortunately, there are many choices out there.
  • I am quite sure that there is some  variety in nicotine strenght and that this depends on the tobacco base they use and how they do it. I dont agree with @Snuffster , i am sure that there is variety in the nicotine strenght of diffrent snuffs.

  • Mr_OMr_O Posts: 1,693
    W.o.S does indeed answer the question specifically about nicotine, I just double checked thier website. Saying that the sp's are stronger and have more of a kick.. Just get onto thier site, check out the menu, click onto FAQ's and scroll down a page or two.
  • HarlequinHarlequin Posts: 736
    I don't know about WoS specifically, but it's common knowledge that different kinds of tobacco contain different amounts of nicotine. I think "rustica" has the most, but don't quote me on that. So it only makes sense that different snuffs would contain varying levels of nicotine depending on the tobacco blends they use. This would also work for the comment @bob made about coffee. But as far as that is concerned, I've heard that lighter brews are actually higher in caffeine than darker, however if you overload your coffee maker with a normal light brew, it will make a dark coffee due to the concentration, so yeah.....this late night rant has been brought to you by the letter T, for Too, as in I've had way too much coffee and have started rambling.
  • RIOTRIOT Posts: 6
    Tom Buck contain less nicotine than these: Gold Label, SM 500, Best SP, SP100 and maybe a couple others.

    Gold Label has the strongest nicotine content!!!

    (confirmed by Wilsons of Sharrow customer service)
  • FranknsnuffFranknsnuff Posts: 652
    WOS Irish Toast No22 has a good nic content imo. Certainly more than F&T HDT.
  • Grand Cairo seems to have the most kick from wos for me
  • I get the most kick from Grand Cairo and Gold Label. I think it's because they both use a golden Virginia tobacco base, which is distinct from the rest of the Wilson's line. Other SPs can deliver a good kick too, which I think is due to the fine grind.
  • RIOTRIOT Posts: 6
    Gold label contains no stem so it has more nicotine.
  • doctorbeatdoctorbeat Posts: 475
    Kendal Brown knocked me on my ass when I used it imprudently.

    Thread about it here:
  • horus92horus92 Posts: 1,090
    Yeah I've never had WoS Kendal Brown before but those dark, heavy, coarse snuffs can sneak up on you and make you feel sick and make your head spin. Not like toasts or scotches or whites where your heart pumps a bit too hard and you start sweating, it's a different thing.
  • doctorbeatdoctorbeat Posts: 475
    Yes indeed.
    There were a lot of nay-sayers when I posted that thread, but I still stand by my statement.

    In fact, it just reminded me to try it again, and sure enough, I was able to take myself to the point of spinning out simply by using about the same amount as I usually use with my regular snuffs.

    As @horus92 says, this stuff doesn't hit you all in one go, it creeps up on you.

    The only other snuff that does this to me (using my typical pinch size) is my home made snuff which I made from 'The Good Stuff' dual-purpose tobacco.

  • SgtJonSgtJon Posts: 350
    Jinder said:

    ...As Oscar said though, Wilsons aren't really the first place to look for a rendezvous with Lady N. If you want a big nic hit, I'd recommend hoofing up a massive rack of Hedges L260. It's strong, and the fact it makes your nose run like Usain Bolt helps too-really gets those mucous membranes working!

    I absolutely love the L260. It took a few go's but I really, really, really like this one. As I noted in another post- I find that if I start the day with a medicated/mentholated (Hedges l260 being my favored) it really opens you up for the day.
  • JinderJinder Posts: 297
    I'd definitely agree with Grand Cairo and
    Gold Label having the best whack of nic out of the WoS I've tried. Totally stand by my former statement about L260 being in another league though, love the stuff (ps this thread is ancient!! Good points being made though)
  • ShaunSShaunS Posts: 260
    edited July 2014
    Straight off the Wilsons of sharrow website....

    Q Which are the strongest snuffs in regard to nicotine?

    A The SP varieties are the strongest and give a more powerful hit than some of the other varieties.

    That doesn't really answer the question I know
  • RIOTRIOT Posts: 6
    edited August 2014
  • They're all about the same strength. None of them are strong. You want more nicotine, take bigger and more frequent pinches. That's the bottom line.
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