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Silver Dollar - who's got it, tried it, wants it and knows where to get it?

ToqueToque Posts: 265
edited August 2011 in General
I am being emailed almost daily by customers asking where they can buy SD and, as we've shipped 10's of thousands of tins, I wanted to know if any of you guys had seen it in the shops yet? And if you knew of any shops that wanted to stock SD but, still hadn't been able to get any?

I'd like to be able to list as many shops as possible where you can or could, if they got stock, buy Silver Dollar.


  • Roderick, our B&M knows nothing about Silver Dollar :(
  • bigmickbigmick Posts: 1,206
    My 2 good local B&M shops have both tried to find it for me and failed.
  • ToqueToque Posts: 265
    Bigmick, let me know their names and I will get them supplied.
  • jazzi_mikejazzi_mike Posts: 258
    I don't know where to get it. You should add a list of stores that sell it to the web.
  • rohoroho Posts: 43
    Did OscarWabbit get it all? :)
  • rohoroho Posts: 43
    After my comment above I went for a drive with my dog. I found Silver Dollar snuff in the six flavors pictured below at the Tobacco Town in Portland, Oregon. Price was $3.10 per container. Snuff is shown with a 10g WoS container.
    1600 x 1200 - 239K
  • The local chain (small chain) has no snuff of any kind. There is a much more informed and well-stocked B&M in the nearest large city that I'm sure has it but I haven't checked yet.
  • tybalttybalt Posts: 506
    Cigar and Tobac in Kansas City (well actually Overland Park suburbs) has it.
  • snuffbrantsnuffbrant Posts: 1,243
    @roho ... and anyone really who has tried these ... (and I am sure there is a review somewhere) ... but aren't these all menthol? or mentholated in some manner?
  • bigmickbigmick Posts: 1,206
    @snuffbrant, one flavor does not contain menthol. I just can't remember which.
  • SpyroSpyro Posts: 969
    No luck around here so far. I gave up after the twentieth or so phone call.
  • transistortransistor Posts: 1,158
    I've got two of each of these snuffs. Natural is good. Of course it's the only one without menthol.
  • mustangiimustangii Posts: 469
    Looks like I have to make a run to Overland Park. While I'm out job hunting.
  • ToqueToque Posts: 265

    If you got their names, I'll get them stocked.


    I like the idea of a list of stores that carry stock.

    The one without Menthol is Natural and all have less menthol than the Poschl equivalent. It's good to see shops are starting to get SD.
  • SpyroSpyro Posts: 969
    Do they need a Phillips and King account or has the situation changed? I know you to be a man of your word Roderick, if you say you can get it stocked, I believe it. I'll make another serious effort this week to locate some SD and post if I still have trouble finding it.
  • transistortransistor Posts: 1,158
    I had one tobacco store (has the best prices in West Nashville) THat was interested in carrying it but they said they couldn't find it or anyone to get it from.
    Maybe you should advertise more? I dunno what to do or the first thing about getting it carried in stores.
    Want their email or something? I'd love to find SD in the stores..... gimme instructions and I'll carry them out if you want me to help stock these stores up!
    Nashville's a great city for snuff!
  • ToqueToque Posts: 265
    Philips and King are the main distributors, however they also supply smaller distributors and I will make sure every local shop who's email/phone number I get is contacted and if they want SD, they will get it.

  • transistortransistor Posts: 1,158
    Gotcha. I'll PM you the name and number ASAP today.
  • transistortransistor Posts: 1,158
    Roll with It!
    6309 Charlotte Pike
    Nashville, TN USA 37209

    (615) 712-6586

    I spoke to the owner and an employee and they sounded very interested in carrying some of your snuff. Please contact them or whatever and I'm sure they'd be another supplier on your list!

    -Rob (Transistor)

  • mustangiimustangii Posts: 469
    Here is the closest one to me.
    The Cigar Merchant, Pipes and Tobacco
    809 NW 7 Hwy Blue Springs, MO 64014 (816) 224-4704
    thanks Rodrick

  • ToqueToque Posts: 265
    Thanks Transistor and Mustangii, I'll make sure they are contacted.
  • jakeorchjakeorch Posts: 34
    The only local tobacco shop that carries snuff here is

    Cigar & Co Tobacco Room
    7101 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73116-3241
    (405) 843-1010 ‎

    They carry WoS, F&T so far... Would love to seem them carry this as well. I haven't talked to the guy about it, but it couldn't hurt.
  • puffpuffpuffpuff Posts: 415
    Hi Roderick!

    I'll get up to my local tobacconist this week to get a fresh stock of General (snus). I've asked him once in April, and he said he'd check and seemed familiar with P&K. I asked him a second time, in May/June and he looked genuinely sorry for forgetting. If it's available to him, I'm hoping it will be there when I get there on Thursday or Saturday.
    I'll report back soon...
  • Mark WMark W Posts: 444
    I went to my local tobacconist (a 2 minute drive) to get some zippo flints and fluid. I was very happy to see every flavor of SD in stock!! So I got each one!! This is great! Thanks for your hard work on this line, and getting it into stores, Roderick. I love the product, and very happy my store is selling it now.
  • Mike_BMike_B Posts: 334
    I saw it in Deadwood, South Dakota last week. It was in the tobacco shop; I forget what the shop was called (but it was about the only shop without slot machines in that tourist trap).
  • Walrus1985Walrus1985 Posts: 1,365
    Lmao Deadwood is a real place????? Thought it was summat made up by Calamity Jane lol.

  • snuffbrantsnuffbrant Posts: 1,243
    Love "Deadwood" ... damn shame it cost too much to keep it going. But yes, Deadwood is a real and thriving place ... and the majority of the tale and the characters are true ... with liberties of the writer of course. Very interesting history to read about.
  • Any plans to get it into Canada? I can give you the contact info of my local B&M tobacconist. I would love to able to buy snuff over the counter even if it cost twice as much.
  • BrandasaurBrandasaur Posts: 543
    Id do anything to be able to get snuff into Canada. I just went to my tobacconist today and recommended they get some SD and they said they would try.
  • Good work, Brandasaur. I know McChrystal's is sometimes available in Canada, but there seems to be a rumor among tobacconists that they "can't order snuff". I think this has to do with labeling, but my McChrystal's has both English and Français on it, so it may be a matter of will on behalf of the companies. I hope Roderick can pull through!
  • BrandasaurBrandasaur Posts: 543
    And now I don't think toxic constituents are a must have because my pipe tobacco doesn't say them.
  • Neither does mine. Looking at a tin of Solani Flake, it only has the cigarette style warning sticker on the back. I have a house blend that came in a ziplock bag with no warnings at all!
  • TaylorDTaylorD Posts: 24
    @roho Is that the Tobacco Town off of Barbur? Seems it's right off the I-5 and I may have to stop by and pick some up on my way back down from Wa to California.
  • ToqueToque Posts: 265
    Thanks Guys, I have forwarded these 3 on to Philips and King and they will contact the shops directly.
  • rohoroho Posts: 43
    @TaylorD Yes. The store is on Barbur off I-5.
  • puffpuffpuffpuff Posts: 415
    Silver Dollar has arrived in Ridgewood, NJ!

    The Tobacco Shop in Ridgewood, NJ USA is stocking Natural, Spearmint, Apricot, and Cherry.

    I don't care for Cherry or Apricot, so I got a tin of Natural, and a tin of Spearmint.

    The Natural seems pretty much like Toque Natural. So not too much to add there. It's very good.

    The Spearmint is a surprising treat. It's got a lot more burn than I expected. It has, as would be expected from Roderick, a very naturally scented spearmint. It almost smells herbal and spearmint, in equal measures. I was also concerned that it would be a little flat, but I'm happy to report that it's anything but flat.
  • Just picked some up earlier today here in Arizona. DJ's Smoke Shop in Chandler. I really enjoy the spearmint and raspberry. Both have just a hint of menthol and will be replacing my Ozona for sure. A little drier and finer than Ozona, but I prefer this. I think the flavor is spot on, not to over powering. I also bought the natural but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Looking forward to it later this evening.
  • Ok , had a chance to try out the natural as well. Again, I am very pleased with the snuff. Like PuffPuff said very much like Toque Natural. One thing better about it though I just have to drive around the corner to pick it up..... I do have one complaint though. The twist tins are horrible. Out of the three I bought only one would twist (even with pliers!!) I had to pry the top open with a screwdriver and put the snuff in my snuff box. This has to be the worst packaging I have seen yet on a snuff.
  • bigmickbigmick Posts: 1,206
    edited August 2011
    I had the same problem with 2 of the 3 tins I got. I used a set of channel locks to open the Spearmint tin. Very frustrating.

    Oddly enough the Dark Horse tins are dead ringers for the Silver Dollar tins and they (Dark Horse) work perfectly.
  • jazzi_mikejazzi_mike Posts: 258
    Man I want to try them. I love Toque Natural and Toque's take on fruity menthols are pretty good. I'm totally jealous of you guys.
  • TaylorDTaylorD Posts: 24
    I stopped by the same shop @roho got his at, and picked up a Cherry and a Natural.

    Must say, the cherry is wonderful. Never having a menthol it was a bit over-powering at first, but since my nose has gotten a bit used to it I can smell the cherry a lot more.

    The natural is very "earthy" as a way to explain it. And I had the tin problem with this one. I found if you act like you're pulling it apart while twisting, it works.
  • PrismasterPrismaster Posts: 851
    edited August 2011
    @Toque You should send a email to or call them. It is by any way the biggest online shop for snuff in Germany and full in german language and believe me, it got a shitload of customers. So you could introduce your new snuff to the german market and i could easily buy SD ;-) By the way, they already carry Toque, i guess it could not be too hard to get SD into the shop too.
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Posts: 2,143
    Please remember what Roderick first said Quote:- SD is for the North American market.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Posts: 3,226
    Correction SD is for the American market, no SD in Canada or Mexico
  • XanderXander Posts: 7,382
    or Guatemala, Honduras, Bahamas, Jamaica, Bermuda, St. Piere et Miquelon, Greenland, etc, etc.
  • mustangiimustangii Posts: 469
    toque is world wide SD is for us depribed Americans. lol
  • bigmickbigmick Posts: 1,206
    Question for those who have tried the Apricot. Do you notice an odd butter scent towards the end? Not good butter ,but almost movie theater level butter. I find it ruins the whole experience for me. Just wondering if my nose is off...I know my mind is.
  • bobbob Posts: 6,777
    Sometimes snuff picks up odd scents. Sometimes even brands I like regularly will have some odd funk and I'am not sure if they came from the factory like that or if they picked it up somewhere. Don't forget about my fish snuff, brought snuff to work and when I left it smelled like work which is to say fish. Just saying I'am hopeing that you just got unlucky.
  • ToqueToque Posts: 265
    Sounds a bit weird Bigmick? I can't replicate a butter smell in any of the ones we have here. Can you smell it in any other snuffs?
  • SpyroSpyro Posts: 969
    I get that from Poschl Apricot sometimes. Smells just like buttered popcorn at the cinema. Its inconsistent tho and I just assumed it was my senses toying with me.
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