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Toque Silver Dollar

AbraxasAbraxas Posts: 5,448
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
I got a pre-release batch of Toque's latest - the Silver Dollar range - and here are a few thoughts:

Firstly, if you like Poschl and have been in snuff-misery because the supply has dried up then you are in for a treat. These snuffs are very 'German' in taste, texture and grind and actually raise the bar; Poschl-like in terms of body but Toque in flavour. They come in 5g 'love em or hate em' twist cans, with a small dosing hole in the side. My problem with these is that they just don't hold enough snuff and with snuff this good you would want a nice 25g tin - I could use 5g in half a day.

The snuff is medium to fine, slightly moist and dark, across the range - so I guess all share the same flour - and comes in Cherry, Raspberry, Apricot, Original, Natural and Spearmint. Each of the flavoured snuffs have that authentic 'tastes like it says on the tin' quality that makes Toque snuffs in general so good. The Raspberry - my favourite of the bunch - is like snuffing a good snuff that has had fresh raspberry juice drizzled in to it. Very, very moreish. All of the flavours are spot on and have a long duration after the pinch. The Apricot is sweet and luscious, the Cherry cries out for a bowl of cream and the Spearmint minty. The original is a fresh, cool menthol snuff that had me thinking of snuffs like 'Kennsington'. I love the addition of a natural snuff to this range as well - just good, pure, earthy tobacco. All of the snuffs, apart from the Natural, have a touch of menthol in them to a degree; but very well and sparingly applied - only the Original gives an intense menthol hit.

A superb range of snuffs. To really appreciate them I strongly suggest buying the entire range because they all compliment each other and would suit different parts of the day: original to wake up, spearmint with the first coffee of the day, raspberry to keep you going through the morning, etc etc.



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