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Kanna nuff said



  • bobbob Posts: 6,809
    Yeah rdunnion I see where you're coming from although I disagree and agree with you. For one thing don't forget that people actualy forgot about how to prevent scurvy although they had been practicing the right practices to prevent it. I say whatever is working for you cause it's gonna be diffrent for diffrent people. Just saying there are lots of things that people forget or don't know about medicaly. Though seriously if anyone takes medical advice here with out doing more research then well........
    Now back to the activity at hand waking up.
  • iggyiggy Posts: 150
    @rdunnion- if you do some digging around under Kanna's scientific name, you will find it on Amazon, Ebay, it's been on news, etc. Just because the US hasn't got it's mitts on it yet doesn't mean it's garbage, that happens afterwards.
  • Received the Kanna after exactly a week, thanks Tom!

    Well - let me start to say this Kanna is of very high quality, and VERY potent. So use in moderation..really.
    I took a small pinch yesterday and put it under my Tongue ( The best / most effective way to take Kana ), you can also sniff it / make tea, or add it to your gum.

    After 10 minutes I had massive energy rush through my whole body, and had to take the dog for a walk... After about 30 minutes it went back to a nice mellow feeling, but with total clarity in the mind. Really - use in moderation, this is potent stuff, and had no similarity to tobacco snuff AT ALL. Still have to try snuffing it soon ( Which I have read should have a less energy feeling, and more of a euphoric / high feeling ). It has some resemblance to hash, but more mellow and less heavy on the body.

    Thought I would let you guys know!

    Thanks tom - Perfect packaging and shipping.

    P.s. My neighbor who received the package, and also Tom's previous package because I was not home asked my how long my family lives in the US, who keeps sending me Family Photo's ;)
  • didi878didi878 Posts: 199
    I received 20 g Kanna from Tom after 10 days here in germany.
    The quality of the Kanna is simply superb, i have got Kanna
    powder from a german retailer before, but the quality from Tom is
    so MUCH MUCH better.. Thanks a lot Tom :)
  • bakdoorbakdoor Posts: 514
    Thanks! The Kanna comes DIRECTLY from the farm where it's produced. No middlemen. No sitting around in a warehouse. You can't get it any fresher unless you live on the farm where it's produced. No chemicals. No fertilizers. All natural.
  • Well, seems I have a different metabolism or something. I got some kanna several days ago and was so on my guard from all that's been said here that I started out with a tiny, tiny pinch. Nothing.
    Bigger pinch, nothing.
    Really big pinch, nothing.
    HUGE pinch, nothing.
    Gob under the tongue, nothing.
    Swallow another gob, nothing.

    Gave up. No effect of any kind whatsoever. Guess we're all just built different, eh?
  • bobbob Posts: 6,809
    Yes we are either that or tommorow You will realize that the moth men aren't your new neighbors. Either or I guess.
  • @ didi878 : What's your favorite way of taking it ?
  • didi878didi878 Posts: 199
    I use the Kanna from my local retailer under the tongue,
    the taste is just floral, not bitter, and its not so fine
    milled. This is also good for smoking. Tom s Kanna is
    very fine milled and perfect for the nose, thats the way
    i use it at the moment.
  • ok, I tried it all, in the nose it's a bit more relaxing for me..
  • iggyiggy Posts: 150
    Going on a month now using Tom's Kanna. I love it and will never go back to RX antidepressants. EVER!
    A 0 gel cap daily and I'm finally at peace. I feel more clear headed and not so "whatever", less anxiety and more in tune with myself. Great stuff or is that snuff.
  • tom502tom502 Posts: 2,520
    Hmmm, I am curious, yet aprehensive.
  • NJE03NJE03 Posts: 197
    edited August 2010
    Here one can read of experiences with Kanna:
  • bobbob Posts: 6,809
    gotta love erowid. Well you got love anything that reminds you not to eat jimson weed.
  • iggyiggy Posts: 150
    Hopefully this helps

     Provided merely as rough guidelines, so if you use this information then you do so entirely at your own risk !

    There are a number of different succulents that are described as 'kanna', with the most common type being Sceletium tortuosum. Most of these originate in or around South Africa, though they are now grown in many countries. The plant material is high in oxalic acid, which is an irritant, so it is fermented before drying to break this down. When dried, it can be stored for long periods under optimal conditions.

    Kanna's main active component is the alkaloid mesembrine. This displays SSRI or SNRI like qualities, but its true pharmacological properties have not been determined fully, as of yet.

    Kanna is normally supplied in the following forms:
    - Whole plant material, all parts of the plant can be used, including the roots, though these are less common as they are more difficult to harvest without killing the plant. The stems and roots contain the highest mesembrine levels, the leaves are not so strong, though the difference in strength is not large. This material is usally chewed or smoked.
    - Shredded plant material. This is most suited to smoking, but can also be chewed.
    - Powdered plant material. This is the most common form, and is less suitable for smoking, but can be swallowed and insufflated easily. It can be used sublingually too, but the coarser material is more convenient for this purpose.
    - Extracts - don't waste your money, you don't need extracts of a plant that is active at 50mg! In my experience most extracts are rubbish anyhow!

    Grading and quality:
    I don't really understand how kanna is graded, but it's best to seek pharma-grade if possible, it's always been best for me. The quality of kanna does vary quite a bit from one supplier to the next, my advice is don't buy super-cheap kanna, as found on eBay, it's usually cheap for a good reason! While kanna may look expensive per weight, remember that a little goes a long way, 1g will probably last most regular kanna users for a week or so.

    Kanna is normally taken via the following methods:
    - Insufflated as powder, 30-80mg. This is probably the most effective method, but is not recommended by me, as insufflating raw organic material carries many risks, including the risk of infection, allergic reaction, or just plain pain and congestion!
    - Sublingually, 50-100mg. The kanna is chewed and held in the cheeks or under the tongue, allowing its mesembrine to be absorbed via the mucous membranes of the mouth.
    - Smoked, 50-100mg. Kanna can be smoked on its own or mixed with other herbs. As with all smoking, there are health risks.
    - Vaporisation? If anyone has vaporised kanna then please let us know about it, I have not heard any reports of this to date, but it would be healthier than smoking it, if it works.
    - Orally, by digestion, 500mg - 2g. Kanna does not fare well in the digestive tract and a far higher dose is required than via other methods. This can cause nausea for some, and works out quite expensive.

    Kanna can have the following effects:
    - Relaxes - it can act as a relaxant and is often used for this purpose.
    - Anti-depressant - it acts as an antidepressant, in a similar way to SSRIs or SNRIs, but seems to have a lot less side effects than pharmaceutical drugs.
    - Stimulant - while it relaxes, some people report that it tends to keep them awake.
    - Empathogen - Most people report that it makes them more empathic and understanding of others, and it is good in social situations.
    - Helps vision - many people report that they find it easier to focus on near-field objects, this is an unusual quality for a plant to have!

    Kanna is NOT:
    Intense - kanna's properties are obvious, but not intense.
    Clouding - kanna does not cause confusion or inebriation at normal doses
    Psychedelic - kanna does not cause hallucinations, visions, or warped thinking!
    Addictive - kanna does not appear to be addictive in itself, but some individuals are capable of becoming psychologically addicted to just about anything.

    Kanna initially provides quite a nice lift, which lasts for maybe 30 minutes or so for most people, and then a much longer period of relaxation, which can last for 6-8 hours.

    Overdose - I have no idea what an overdose level is, and I think that kanna can be regarded as safe in this respect, but if you go much beyond the guideline  that I mention above, you may find that it will make you feel tense, anxious and uncomfortable.

    Tolerance/sensitivMost people begin as insensitive to kanna, they will notice LITTLE OR NO EFFECT at first, and then over a period of 1 to 2 weeks of use they will become sensitised to it and notice its effects. It is important not to overdo it during the period of insensitivity, as the negative side effects that I mentioned in the previous paragraph will still occur if too much is taken. Many people quickly come to the conclusion that kanna is not for them because they either feel nothing at first, or they overdo it in their rush to experience it and end up feeling unpleasant. The secret is to take it slowly and be patient, it does work, just give it some time!

    Kanna potentiates many other herbs, and should be mixed with caution initially, until you work out how it combines with the herbs that you have chosen. It does not potentiate the aroma of kratom, in my experience, though I have heard others state differently. It is wonderful with Damiana, for example, and magical with many herbs that are traditionally smoked.

    Combine kanna with the use of any MAOIs. Don't combine it with pharmaceutical SSRIs or SNRIs. If you are in any doubt, ask a doctor, kanna is legal everywhere, so there should be no problem doing this. The usual caveats about pregnancy, breast-feeding etc. should be observed.
  • good info there. kanna and uzara are actually the reasons i joined this site, to get anymore info on uzara mostly. i am new to both and although i have found plenty of info about dosages and experiences on kanna i have not found anything at all about experiences and dosages of uzara only info about what it has been used for, origins and other various info. since i have felt how potent kanna can be when insufflated at what i thought was even a low dose i do not want to feel any ill effects with uzara. for me kanna is quite potent, i have taken it sublingually and also insufflated it. i have lots of respect for it now, the main reason i decided to use it was a mood enhancer/ antidepressant and sure who wouldn't like to feel a little euphoric also lol.
  • bobbob Posts: 6,809
    sounds like uzara is mostily medicinal and not lots o fun. Could be wrong though.
  • uzara makes me sneeze. Although it is powerful medicine when used rectally ,when used as snuff it helps with the pineal gland production of essential dnt for communing within the spiritual realm during sleep or deep meditation. As for Kanna I had no idea a natural herb could have such an intense burn factor.
  • bobbob Posts: 6,809
    blockquote class="Quote" rel="basement_shaman">uzara makes me sneeze. Although it is powerful medicine when used rectally ,when used as snuff it helps with the pineal gland production of essential dnt for communing within the spiritual realm during sleep or deep meditation. As for Kanna I had no idea a natural herb could have such an intense burn factor. interesting

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