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Female Snuff-Takers

ukicemanukiceman Posts: 198
edited January 2010 in General
How many female members does this site have ?


  • Walrus1985Walrus1985 Posts: 1,365
    Toffenose ans zzedo for definate but I'm sure there are a few others.

  • ukicemanukiceman Posts: 198
    itsuke is as well... it's cool, we need more!
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Posts: 2,143
    edited January 2010
    toffee nose London that's two. I wonder what happened to Kim in Fl she was active last, the end of August 2009.
  • toffeenosetoffeenose Posts: 1,319
    I am indeed both female and a snuffer. There was a new female member recently, living in Finland, I believe (sorry, can't remember her name).
    Why do you ask, ukiceman?
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Posts: 2,143
    That's correct Debbie, her name will crop up in old postings. Also a snake lady in USA.
  • ukicemanukiceman Posts: 198
    Just good old curiosity that’s all. I’m not surprised it’s a male dominated thing, just a shame because; the females don’t know what they’re missing!
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Posts: 2,143
    Lets not forget namrata, mind she could come on and say she only makes it.
  • toffeenosetoffeenose Posts: 1,319
    True on both point, Snuff Head.
  • James_SJames_S Posts: 550
    Hehe, my wife had a cold recently and was so stuffed up I urged her to try a pinch of Ozona President. She said, "No way! Only fingers and Kleenex go near this nose!" Ah well. Meanwhile, I've yet to have a cold this winter (knock on, er, artificial wood desktop).
  • desirexedesirexe Posts: 178
    James S - Just went through the same situation with my husband except he willingly takes pinches once in a great while. He had a horrible cold and last night his coughing and congestion were making him miserable so I offered him some Dholakia Herbal. Instantly cleared him up and he quickly fell asleep and even woke up feeling much better. No colds for me yet! :)

    Back to the topic - Yup, I'm one of the other ladies here. I don't know why there aren't more female users around, especially with flavors such as chocolate, coffee, toffee and caramel available. I have found that many women in my neck of the woods have just never heard of nasal snuff, perhaps this is true for the majority of all American women?? It has been mentioned here before but snuff is also the perfect diet aide!
  • BartBart Posts: 1,480
    "Cheese & Bacon" = weight gain, zzedo310 :)
  • itsukeitsuke Posts: 236
    edited January 2010
    It's good to know there are ladies in the forum too~~
    I too wonder why there aren't more women snuffsters while there are many who smoke cigarette. Come to think about it, aside from cigarette, women don't seem to enjoy other forms of tobacco as much as men. I don't mean to say they should or should not, but like ukiceman mentioned, they don't know what they are missing~ :P I guess the Victorian notion that proper ladies don't smoke still hold sway today.
  • desirexedesirexe Posts: 178
    LOL Bart. Not only weight gain but most certainly an instant heart attack. ;)

    I quit cigs mainly because I have a 9 y/o and really hope he does not take up smoking as a teen. I may be slammed here for saying this but I truly believe that parents good & bad behaviors are very influential upon their children. With snus & snuff, my son is not exposed to nor witnesses my habit. :) And there is my snuff testimony!

    I would love to see more female snuff users! I think it would make for a fun Pampered Chef party (which I really hate) if us ladies could gather and sample good food, wine and SNUFF! I'd get one of those fancy pants snuffmachines just for the event! Maybe even buy an unneeded frying pan! hahaha!!
  • Big L is also a lady snuffer I believe.
  • I thought there was another girl (kate maybe), that just posted on the introduce yourself page a while back.
  • dgriegodgriego Posts: 132
    I am new to the forum and I am a female snuffer.
  • I'm a female snuffer as well.
  • itsukeitsuke Posts: 236
    oh my, we are really the minority here.
  • I am genetically female, but not a lady. I'm a transsexual man. Which side that stacks me up onto, I don't know. :) I also smoke cigar and snus.
  • bobbob Posts: 6,781
    I guess which ever side you want to be put on. Or maybe we should look at your nose.
  • KiestraakKiestraak Posts: 58
    edited January 2010
    @Bob: My nose? It's more asian/Irish, I'm assuming at least, than it is 'male' or 'female' (what is a 'male' or 'female' nose, anyway??) but if it's the snuff you're talking about, currently powdered with Toque's Spanish Gem! It sure is soothing. I'm a relatively new snuffer, started last year around July, and my collection thus far only contains about 22 varieties. I am genetically female, not male, so I don't believe it would be inappropriate to count myself as a female snuffer (obviously, we do exist!) but I think it's also of some importance to mention that I'm not a 'woman'; being female tends to imply that, so I figured I would mention that I'm not, to avoid that usual, and to most, natural, assumption being made. :)
  • ukicemanukiceman Posts: 198
    Hell, that's OK... you enjoy snuff and that's the main thing :)
  • James_SJames_S Posts: 550
    Absolutely, we are a brother/sisterhood of noses; whether those noses are surmounting a mustache or lipstick (or both!) doesn't matter to me.
  • toffeenosetoffeenose Posts: 1,319
    edited January 2010
    I agree wholeheartedly with James S.
    Diversity is good for the snuff community - any community, come to that.
  • @ ukiceman, James S., and toffeenose: I'll pinch to that!

    This thread has made me wonder, though, if there are less female snuffers, wouldn't that make even modern day snuffing a male-dominated activity? I wonder why this is. (Of course, it's possible that there are just less females using the computer...Er.) Tobacco use in general seems to be an object of disgust amongst my peers, even from state to state; all tobacco= smoking or dip, and smoking/dip=cooties. This whole 'eeek! Get it away from me! Cooties!!' attitude strikes me as unamerican, misguided, elitist... The list goes on.

    And speaking of unity, I'm not much of a cigarette smoker, but I support their right to choose, unfettered, and tend to take it somewhat personally when laws and the media push them into suckitude, partly because society's image of the smoker bleeds into society's image of the snuffer, the dipper, and the piper. It's unfortunate that we all set ourselves apart so greatly within the realm of the very same plant, because while we may consider ourselves distinct from each other, to much of the rest of society, we're all the same: baccy users(gross!). I'm curious to know how, if, and to what degree, attitudes differ between older folks, or if it's just the same. I'm only 20 years old, and I'm hard pressed to find other people who smoke- much less people who snuff! We seem to be a dying breed.
  • James_SJames_S Posts: 550
    I wrote a wonderful 5-paragraph rant about the stupidity of antitabagism when we're at war, people are starving to death, and our infrastructure is crumbling. I raged that women have as much right as men to use tobacco, and that people in general have the right to do whatever they damn well please as long as they're harming nobody else.

    I took so long, in fact, that I got signed off and it all got deleted when I tried to submit it. ARRRRRGHHH!
  • BartBart Posts: 1,480
    something I learned by multiple screwups,... If I ever write something long, I right click there and copy it before I submit, just in case the site has signed me off without my knowing. Then I can sign in again and paste it. I can still outsmart artificial intelligence, for now....
  • ukicemanukiceman Posts: 198
    I go one step further and use a word processor for very long posts and use Ctrl+S a lot
  • bobbob Posts: 6,781
    I just figured out a way to get more females snuffing. We do the bar girls hired to promote some stupid drink trick but with cute guys offering snuff in bars and other places giving out. I noticed that the more more macking I'am the more girls try snuffing and getting website info off of me. So if we had a really cute guy going around offering woman pinches of snuff it would increase the number of woman snuffers. I'am only half joking I was reading this post and thinking about how when I go out woman seem more willing to try a snuff then a man then I realized it's cause I look cute if you're drunk.
  • bobbob Posts: 6,781
    Sometimes I wonder if I really timed out or the serve is doing me a favor and logging me out before I embarrase myself :).
  • lol@bob! (Embarrass yourself?)

    Hmm. Well, snuffsharing, informing, and converting, isn't that something most of us do, at least a wee bit? I know that the snuff habits of my significant other were partly my doing. Hmm. Maybe I should hit on more girls in an attempt to get them pinching, too. Nah, not cute enough. :P Also would be slightly creepy.

    Aw man, I can just see the disaster unfolding now. 'Hey handsome guy, see this tin? Take it- I'll pay you five bucks if you go over to the lady in the diaper aisle and get her to sniff powder from it, oh and here's a flier, tell her to visit the website. Shake your booty. And don't forget to wink at her. ' 'Are you out of your $@&!ing mind? Security! Someone's trying to drug my wife!' 'Oh, SNAP!' 'Pull out the cuffs, boys! We're puttin' this dirtbag away!' ...TO BE CONTINUED, in the next issue of 'Brown Powder Sniffing Recruiters'!
  • AbraxasAbraxas Posts: 5,448
    Do women, as a whole, have fewer hobbies than men? It's always seemed to me that they do and snuffing tends to have an obsessive hobbyist element to it.
  • James_SJames_S Posts: 550
    Well, I'm sure not wandering around any bars offering pinches to girls. What if they pinch back?
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Posts: 2,143
    It's amazing how many women I've offered a pinch of snuff to in our local, and they often take up my offer and like it.
  • wildhorsesmanewildhorsesmane Posts: 97
    edited January 2010
    Over the weekend, my girlfriend and I were in a local noise house (thats a Bay Area bar for those unfamiliar). I envy those of you who have normal bars to have normal, room volume conversations. Anyhow, we were sort of bored given we could hardly hear each other speak, then out of sheer boredom she asked if she could have a pinch of my snuff. Now, let me just say that I have recently been enjoying my scotches and all the more so for having mastered them. Lately nothing else is on my person or in my box other than scotch. But, I became excited at her request to dabble at my pixie dust. Usually, when I slip out the ole dust box I get the stink eye, or some other askance look across the nose from my beloved little Jiminy Cricket in a skirt. So you can imagine the elation that overtook me with this opportunity to convert a dyed in the wool skeptic. Now mind, ladies and gents, it has taken me over two months to amass the skills neccesary for a properly placed pinch of WE Garrett to reach its desired mark. All the while I've been as a defendant to our seasoned noses, explaining carefully the dangers which we are certainly avoiding by choosing the powder over the flame with our choice of nicotine administration. Nevertheless, I believed I could convey this duly earned technique with a little direction, a lift here, a tilt there, and gentle... So, quickly producing the stuff, with great smile of pride, I slide open the lid and offered to the beauty in waiting. I show some quick demonstration, adroitly and neatly administer to myself, "you see its not so hard", I say. "Now your turn. A pinch like so and gentle..." Before she could even get the pinch into position, the slightest little inhale produced the most spectacular fit of spluttering , and choking, convulsing and gasping, Oh! My dear snuffsters, I failed. Miserably. My peach, having sent my precious dust into a cloud, the box pirouetting through it, looks at me with those big watery eyes, nose like a faucet. I, sitting, mouth agape awaiting her recovery. Recovered, my darling simply shakes her head at the lengths I will go to enjoy but a simple little herb.

    I am rather loathe to attempt recruiting any more young lasses to the peculiar habits of men.
  • itsukeitsuke Posts: 236
    @wildhorsesmane: I think WE Garrett is a bad choice as a recruiting snuff.
  • It may very well be, Itsuke, but I can see how one would get caught up in the moment and not want to miss the opportunity to have a loved one willing to try it. I mean it would be safer to wait and have them try something more appropriate, but by then their interest may have waned. Then again, chances are, if they had any genuine interest whatsoever, it's likely to recur eventually if you politely ask them to wait. At the same time, an individual might also be embarassed to make a 'big deal' out of it by insisting on waiting for 'the right one'.

    Then again, insisting on waiting for something more appropriate shows your concern and may deepen interest also, as well as cement whether or not they're really looking to try it- to avoid the one offering feeling guilty, as though you've pushed their friend into something. :) Wildhorsemane, did you ever explain to her that it wasn't a good snuff for a first try, and that you were really excited about her trying it, like a kid at Christmas, which is part of what resulted in cloudy mess? I don't think snuff is a 'man' thing nor a 'woman' thing, it's just a thing. If less women partake of it, it obviously isn't the snuff itself, but more some other fence built up that IS affected by the gender barrier, social implications, something like that. Slightly less women smoke than men, but only SLIGHTLY, like two or three percent. So if very few women do snuff, it must be due to some factor involving its appearance, its process, its stereotype, something other than the tobacco itself.
  • toffeenosetoffeenose Posts: 1,319
    @ snuffster: In general, I think women do have hobbies, just like men, but they don't go about it in an obsessional way like men tend to do. Apart from shoe shopping ;)
    Seriously though, I work in a record shop and see plenty of strange, obsessional collectors, 95% of whom are male. There are some female collectors who have a deep love for music, but they don't tend to want to collect every single thing from a certain artist, say; they buy what they like because they like it.
  • BartBart Posts: 1,480
    edited January 2010
    Kind of OT, Are 78's and 45's collected in the Uk,or just 33's, Debbie?

    (Records, that is. I still have some 8-tracks as well, LOL!)
  • toffeenosetoffeenose Posts: 1,319
    edited January 2010
    Well, it's mostly 33s & 45s, but there is a demand for 78s, mainly early Rock'n'Roll, Blues and to some extent Country titles.
    8-tracks?! LOL!
  • tom502tom502 Posts: 2,520
    I miss my 8-tracks. I had Tubeway Army Replicas, a bunch of Bowie, Eno Taking Tiger Mountain, a bunch of Roxy Music... those were the days.
  • LyuboLyubo Posts: 148
    I think we should ask ladies to show us their collections. Its interesting to see is there a certain type of snuff that women like. If so it will be helpful if we are going to offer snuff to girls. Most women like to eat chocolate so maybe is good idea for the first try to offer something easy to take and tasting like chocolate. Its good idea to have some easy to take snuff if you are willing to share a pinch with nicotine brothers and sisters craving for cig. Buses, trains, planes, any closed places that you can't go out for a smoke for hours are a great pain if you don't know you can use snuff instead. Maybe there are many people that will like snuff if they know about it and try it.
    Also many women are thinking that sniffing that brown powder is disgusting. That is not true for me. My ex-girlfriend was taking snuff and I can say she was sweet doing this. But she don't like computers and I don't think she is writing anywhere on the internet. As far as I can remember some of the other members wives/girl friends take snuff too, but dont write here. I don't know why. Maybe women don't like to share thoughts for things like snuff.
  • @itsuke:

    Then, I do believe you have mistaken my story. Not to be argumentative. I want you to understand what really happened. I state that I had been defending my snuff habit. It is implied that my defense was to this very same person, my girlfriend. I thought it would be apparent that I became "ecstatic"(could not control myself) at her request to try my habit. That explained, yes Kiestraak, I was sure point out that the snuff I was offering was the very devil himself.

    I hoped the story would induce laughter at my expense. I am a mediator by nature and hoped that men and women alike could relate to this one. You see, men often do silly things like this in an effort to charm their sweeties. Sometimes it backfires. Sometimes it works most lovely, and I do believe that is the sport of it, yes?

    I tend not to anguish at the gender role thing, no, I embrace it. Of course, it should go without much thought that we are individuals. One can never grasp the same handful of sand twice. Some enjoy more archaic gender roles others enjoy the avant garde. Most of the time we are a mixture of old outdated axioms being replaced by new ones as we grow and journey through life, no?

    I know plenty ladies who would toot powders far worse that ours, so I don't really think one could very easily paint a broad brush on ladies and snuff. But, learn from me ladies and gentlemen, and do it very carefully.
  • SfingleSfingle Posts: 242
    @Kiestraak: If you are indeed transsexual, I wonder if you are the first to ever be a snuffer? I don't think there were a whole lot of transsexual folks back when snuff was more popular,so if you are the first that is kind of groundbreaking stuff.
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