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AlexAlex Posts: 569
edited November 2006 in Snuff House Library
Here is a list of Snuff producers I know:

* Arnold André (Germany; not producing snuff but sales partner of Swedish Match in Germany)
* Bespoke Tobacco (United Kingdom)
* Dallmayr (Germany)
* De Kralingse (satellite picture of the snuffmills) (the Netherlands)
* Dholakia (India)
* G. Smith & Sons (United Kingdom)
* Gawith Hoggarth (United Kingdom)
* Gebrüder Bernard (Germany)
* Hedges (United Kingdom)
* Imperial Tobacco (United Kingdom; producing Kensington, Rumneys, Westfahlenprise, Tucky and Edel Prise for Swedish Match)
* J&H Wilson (United Kingdom)
* Kaszuby (Poland)
* M/s. Ranchhoddas Zinabhai Dholakia (India)
* Mc Chrystal's (United Kingdom)
* Perumal Snuff Company (India; producing Umbrella Brand Madras Snuff)
* Pöschl (Germany)
* Samuel Gawith (United Kingdom)
* Sree Radha & Co (India)
* Sternecker (Germany)
* Swedish Match (Sweden; producing Singleton and Dingler, distributing those only to Germany, South Africa and Switzerland; let produce snuffs by Imperial Tobacco)
* Swisher (USA; producing Butter Cup, Honey Bee etc.)
* von Eicken (producing Lotzbeck and Chapman)
* Wilsons & Co. (Sharrow) (United Kingdom; also producing Fribourg & Treyer snuff)

I am sure that I forgot some. Just let me know which ones.


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